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Buying pure 24K gold is a tradition, one that is more than a gift.  By giving gold you are wishing good luck and prosperity for the New Year.  The Chinese believe buying pure gold represents an investment, purchasing something stable in value.

The demand for gold increases greatly a few weeks before the Lunar New Year, for 2017 it’s predicted China will collectively be purchasing 1,350 tonnes of gold and annually the demand will only increase but what about supply?  Gold will always hold or increase in value making this a very popular “global currency”.  Traditionally, the majority of gold buyers during Lunar New Year are of Asian descent, however more and more Western cultures are seeing the value of owning and gifting this precious metal.

Did you know?  In ancient times only Royalty were only allowed to own gold.  Drinking from golden cups, bathing in golden vessels were considered a must to ensure prosperity throughout the generations.

Items traditionally given are jewelry and sculptures.  Pure 24K gold is soft and creating delicate strands of fine thread can be challenging.  Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry has master crafters able to create magical works of art and with their technological advances have been given many awards for the unique and intricate patterns considered “A National Heritage” in China.


So….in preparation for Lunar New Year 2017, you can never go wrong in giving pure gold!

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