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Spinel Named Third Birthstone for August!

Celebrating a birthday this month?  Happy Birthday, from Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry.  Not a Leo or Virgo?  Finding the perfect birthday gift for August babies has always been a daunting job but the Jewelers of America and the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) have expanded your options by announcing a THIRD birthstone for August!  August now joins June and December as the only months represented by three gemstones. The original birthstone for August was Sardonyx, and then peridot was added, becoming August’s primary gem, so without further ado, let’s welcome the spinel! (pronounced spin-elle)

Spinel, while a relatively unknown gemstone to you, is actually a well known gem in the jewelry world.  Generally found in Burma Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Tanzania and a few other locations, the spinel is often mistaken for rubies and sapphires as they can also be found in a wide assortment of colors.  Vivid red is the most desirable color of spinel gems, followed by cobalt blue, bright pink and bright orange. The more affordable stones are often those with paler colors, like lavender. You may also find spinel in black,  greenish blue, mauve,  pale pink, violet blue, greyish, yellow or brown. So many choices to choose from!

Interesting facts about the Spinel gemstone:

  • Some of the most famous historical gems that were originally thought to be rubies turned out to be spinel like the Black Prince’s Ruby, a centerpiece of the British Imperial State Crown, which was recently found to be a Spinel.

    The Black Prince’s Ruby which is the gemstone at the front of George V’s Imperial State Crown

  • Another instance happened in 1851, when the largest known ruby in the world, the Timur Ruby, weighing in at 352 carats, was found to actually be a spinel.   It is inscribed with the names and dates of six of its previous owners dating back to 1612.

    The Timur Ruby is a 361 carat polished red spinel set in a necklace for Queen Victoria in 1853

  • Spinel was named the birthstone for August in 2016
  • The gemstone is sometimes used to commemorate a 22nd wedding anniversary



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