Your 2019 Horse Horoscope

The First Month:

In terms of financial luck, month 1 is very lucky for Horses.  Current problems at work will be solved and you will make feasible plans for the future.  Career opportunities will open and continue into the year and will bring you lots of wealth.


People born in a year of the Horse love to be center stage and entertain the crowd.  You will often see them at concerts, theater performances, sporting events and parties.  Their personalities are energetic, active and animated and they often have a great sense of humour.  Horses, however, can come off a little self-centered but this doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in other people’s problems.


Usually Horses are very healthy, mostly because they hold such a positive attitude towards life.  However, in 2018, you are in danger of affecting your health.  Steer clear of conflicts with others and breaking the law in any way as this could lead to bloody incidents.  Heavy responsibility or pressure at work will leave you feeling weak so be sure not to work too much overtime and come home at a reasonable time.  You should also refuse some invitations to parties as going out too much will affect your stomach and respiratory system and could lead to more serious problems.

Horses are not suggested to go on tours that involve long drives and adventurous activities, as this will put you in danger.   You are suggested to do health examinations regularly, and take the time to adjust your mind by relaxing in a forest or by a lakeside.


Horses can make it in any career that involves communicating with others and will fail in careers that involve working in solitude.  Horses are extroverts and need to be surrounded by people who approve of them and flatter them.  They are

Good career choices for Horses include: publicist, journalist, language instructor, sales representative, translator, bartender, performer, librarian, pilot or tour operator.

While Horses are not likely to get a promotion in 2019, they will excel in their studies and research.  You may find conflicts occur between you and your leaders which will result in a poor relationship with them this year.  Keep your mind focused on technology projects as this will reduce any direct conflicts at work.

In 2019, you will have a higher success rate if you engage in endeavors related to thermal power, real estate, and cultural project and this will pave the way to a brighter future.

Entrepreneurs will make great breakthroughs and developments in 2018.


2019 is a great year for Horses when it comes to their finances.  You will find it easy to get rich using your intelligence and wisdom and will receive the best return on real estate, technical and cultural projects.  However, these will require you to spend a lot of energy and you will, at times, get upset and stressed.

During the year you will be faced with making a financial decision that would go against your moral and legal views.  This decision could cost you the acceptance of your friends and family and put you in trouble with the law.  Keep in mind you mustn’t be too aggressive when it comes to decision making, even if it makes you a fortune.


Horses have many great qualities which makes them popular with a large social circle.  They are pleasant, cheerful and have a great sense of humour.  People born in the year of the Horse are extremely easy to get along with and have the ability of put others at ease.  They are quick-witted and can often finish your sentences or know what you are about to say.

2019 is not a good year for female Horses as you may be faced with infidelity or fallout’s between you and your partner.  You are suggested to be modest, talk less and think more to avoid breaking the harmonious aura.  It’s best to allow your friends and family help you make good decisions when it comes to your loved one.

Male Horses have a much better year when it comes to relationships.  It will be easy and effortless to settle down in a relationship with a loved one, but don’t be fickle in love or you will be in trouble due to gossip.  In 2019 you will become popular among friends but don’t let it go to your head.

Best with Tiger, Sheep. Worst with Rat, Rooster, Ox.