Your 2019 Pig Horoscope

The First Month:

The first month is an excellent time for Pigs in terms of their careers as they will receive great achievements and success through hard work.  If you find you are troubled by trivial matters, focus more on work to detour your thoughts.


Pigs are eager, compassionate, generous and have great concentration. Once they set a goal they will invest all their energy into achieving it.   When it comes to seeking help, Pigs will rarely ask for assistance but will never refuse to lend a hand.  Pigs are also very gullible and are easily fooled.

When facing problems, Pigs are relatively calm and can handle any issue with great care and thoughtfulness.  They also have a great sense of responsibility to finish what they have started.


Pigs are generally in good health all through life but are reminded to not abuse their bodies with excessive eating, drinking and smoking while they frequent dinner parties and social events.  A balanced diet and proper exercise is badly needed for pigs to keep fit.

The carefree attitude of a Pig allows them to steer clear of stress.  When faced with work overload, they know how to relax themselves and manage their schedule.  Sleep is their usual way of refreshing and destressing themselves.

However, in 2019, a Pigs health may temporarily deteriorate due to you pushing your bodies boundaries.  You will easily contract acute diseases and it will be hard for you to get well with just one treatment.  Your illness will have to be healed slowly but give yourself a sigh of relief as your illness will not be a serious one.

Avoid dangerous hiking, climbing, or adventurous actives. Instead, you are suggested to do some relaxing walks at places with woods and lakes to enlighten your aura.


For the most part, Pigs enjoy fine fortune in their careers and their work often progresses in a relatively smooth manner.

Pigs have rich creativity and imagination and are not afraid to try something new.  When encountering trouble and difficulties, Pigs tend to receive help from others.

To build their network, it’s advised to attend social gatherings to gain new client relationships which will help achieve career success.

Pigs thrive as doctors, veterinarians, entertainers, caterers, and interior decorators. Promising career fields include entertainment, transportation, hospitality and retail.

However, in 2019, a Pigs career forecast does not look good.  You will have a difficult time getting a promotion and you will experience extreme pressure at work.  Leaders and law enforcement officers will become a problem in 2019 and you will find yourself getting bullied or receiving fines.

The only careers that will thrive this year for you are thermal power, the mineral industry and the government.  You will also see wealth working in real estate but you will receive no returns on real estate construction projects.


It is recommended to not participate in gambling, the lottery or high-risk investments this year as your dealings will be worse than average.  You are also not likely to receive any unexpected fortune this year and it is possible you will be swindled.  You need to be extra cautious of the law as you may be required to pay large fines.

If Pigs want to see any extra income this year they must invest in thermal power projects or in the mineral industry. Work hard to grab your opportunities, as once you succeed you will be heavily rewarded.


Due to a Pigs sincerity and integrity they are often popular among their many close friends.  They have a large social circle and highly value friendship, which is why they would never betray their friends.

They are often clear-minded and do not get involved with minor issues that concern others.

In love relationships pigs are affectionate and sexual. They are faithful to their partners and committed to them long-term. However, due to lack of proper communication, sometimes Pigs cannot handle problems in relationships.

In a relationship with a Pig?  Be honest with and have knowledge of his/her inner thoughts.

2019 is a lucky year for Pigs in their relationships.

Female Pigs will meet a new love this year.  He will come from a good family, have a great job, but he might be a little stubborn and mysterious.  You will meet him at a social gathering like an event or activity.

For male Pigs, you will also have good luck, but not as good as female Pigs. You might have to spend more money on developing a relationship. You or your partner will hide their feelings and emotions which will affect the progress of your relationship.  Always be honest and open with them to ensure your relationship progresses like it should.

Best with Sheep, Rabbit, Tiger. Worst with Monkey, Snake.