Your 2019 Rabbit Horoscope

The First Month:

During the first month, Rabbits will have an increased opportunity at work and will accomplish many projects but beware, you may lose money this month.


Rabbits tend to be gentle, quiet, elegant, skillful, kind, patient and particularly responsible.  On the other hand, they can also be superficial, stubborn and moody. For the most part, people who belong to the Rabbit zodiac sign have likable characters.

Rabbits make great friends as they are faithful to those around them, but do tend to escape reality. They are often too cautious and conservative which results in missed opportunities.

When encountering tough difficulties, Rabbits are never discouraged, but are instead persistent to seek solutions.  They handle all problems in an orderly way and eventually achieve enviable success.

Male Rabbits always treat people politely and have a gentle smile that makes people aware they are credible and sincere.

Female Rabbits are beautiful, have a pure heart and are often bashful.


Winter to late spring is when a Rabbit is most susceptible to getting sick, so it’s advised to do more indoor exercise to fight off stress and tension.   During the time Rabbits are also susceptible to skin problems so be sure to stay hydrated and moisturize daily.

Rabbits, you might easily fall prey to an acute disease, or feel discomfort around your liver and gall bladder. You might also be hurt by sharp metal instruments.  These problems may not have serious effects, but they will cause you discomfort.

It is recommended to do a full physical checkup this year.


Rabbits have artful hands which make them talented painters, calligraphy artists and cooks but the best careers for Rabbits are cultivation, breeding, health care, medicine, education, religion, culture, police/judiciary work, and politics.

Due to their intellect and generosity, Rabbits can enjoy a good career and wealth, but it is advised to not give up half-way and strive to complete every project.

Due to a Rabbits polite nature they steer away from confrontation and tend to keep their work problems to themselves instead of discussing them with their leaders and bosses.  This leads to depression, stress and feeling discouraged, even when they are doing well at work.

Rabbits won’t have good luck when it comes to getting promoted in 2018, however, they will have a good chance to develop their career in the areas of real estate.


In 2019, Rabbits will have good financial luck.  Their salary or benefits will greatly improve and may have a chance to receive wealth through real estate.  You may be faced with some trouble such as receiving unwanted opinions from your co-investor which will make you feel upset and stressed.


2019 is a momentous year for Rabbits when it comes to relationships with both friends and lovers.  They don’t have to try hard, but instead help others with their weaknesses.

Rabbits have great social skills and an even better sense of humour.  They are gentle, considerate and can turn enemies into friends.  Possessing a gentle temperament, they are hospitable, considerate, and ready to help others.

But with an excess of universal love and charity there comes conflict of interest between friends. Many posses a lack of resolution so they have trouble being emotionally swayed.

Male Rabbits will have fairly good luck with love in 2019. They will meet a mysterious and edgy partner, but they will sometimes find it hard to get along with them as you will feel your personalities do not match.   Do not give up as your love will grow strong.

For female Rabbits it’s important to not get stressed out when it comes to that special someone.  He/she will not realize your love due to them being self-absorbed.  You need to be proactive to bridge the gap and you are suggested to express your feelings towards him or there won’t be any progress.

Best with Dog, Sheep, Rat, Monkey. Worst with Rooster, Snake.