Your 2019 Rat Horoscope

The First Month:

At the start of the Chinese New Year, rats will make great breakthroughs in their career due to their excellent personal work relationships.

Female Rats have a better chance than males of either starting or building a successful relationship in the first month.


Rats are quick-witted, resourceful, versatile, kind, smart, and lovely.  They can quickly adapt themselves to new environments using their strong intuition, sharp observations and quick response.  The rat is also very curious and tend to try their hand at anything.

On the other hand, Rats lack courage and command skills making them a better follower than a leader.  They are opportunistic and picky and have very narrow views.

People of the Rat zodiac are kind to the ones they love and impolite to the ones they dislike.  They often sleep late as mice are nocturnal animals.


Rats are usually very healthy, full of energy and active but in 2019 this will change.  Work will cause you health problems due to stress and you will become exhausted easily.  You will develop an uncomfortable stomach and you will easily cut yourself on sharp objects.

It is recommended that you do NOT take part in hiking, climbing, or other adventurous activities as this may cause serious injuries. You are suggested to go for health checks regularly, get 8 hours of sleep and take walks by the water or in parks to adjust your attitude and mind.  This will help ease your stress and any concerning health problems.

During dry seasons Rats need to play close attention to keeping hydrated as not doing so will cause serious respiratory and skin problems.


The best careers for Rats are: Lawyer, politician, comedian, writer, administrator, director, manager, entrepreneur, broadcaster, musician, researcher, and race car driver.

When it comes to work, Rats tend to show a serious attitude.  They are cautious and meticulous and often have very good judgement when making decisions.

In 2019, Rats will be under more pressure at work but this will lead to a higher income and unexpected finances.  They will need to persevere and be open-minded during this time as to not lose opportunities given by their boss.

There will be a chance for Rats to cooperate with officials easily, especially concerning projects that involve soil and stone. Projects related to land production, mineral resources, and thermal power will see good developments.


Rats love being social and attending events.  They enjoy making new friends but seldom further their relationships with others.  They often have charming appearances which allow them to attract more friends.

In 2019, female Rats will have a likely chance to meet a wealthy man who doesn’t flaunt it, however, he will be stubborn.

Male Rats won’t have as much luck pursuing relationships in 2019.  For Rats already in relationships, you will have find it hard to communicate and understand each other and this will cause some issues in your relationship.  Be patient and always give your full attention when they are talking.

Best with Dragon, Rabbit, Ox and worst with Horse, Rooster