Your 2019 Snake Horoscope

The First Month:

During the first year Snakes will be under intense pressure due to sudden changes at work and are prone to be in low spirits.  Their luck in love and finances are rather mediocre, and will often quarrel with their partners due to miscommunication.


In Chinese culture, the Snake is the most mysterious animal among the twelve zodiac animals. People born in a year of the Snake are supposed to be the most intuitive.

They represent the symbol of wisdom and are both wise and intelligent. Snakes like to keep to themselves and tend to act according to their own judgements.  The are determined to accomplish their goals and hate to fail.

Snakes are often materialistic and purchase only the best but have no patience for shopping.

As Snakes are quite private, they prefer to work alone which results in them becoming stressed easily.


There are no serious health problems predicted in 2019 for Snakes.

Snakes prefer to live a peaceful and orderly life and will often become stressed when their life isn’t in order.  It is recommended to take on only one task at a time, so you can evenly schedule your time and not become overwhelmed.

Snakes also need a lot of time to relax themselves, so it is recommended to take periodic vacations and schedule time off to unwind during the year.  A visit to a holiday village or resort to strengthen your mind and body is advised.

As there is no sign of injuries for 2019, Snakes are able to take on those daring adventures they decided against in the past.  However, Snakes will be prone to illness or disease if they decide to be careless or indulge too much in 2019.


Snakes often become bored easily and tend to job-hop but will always work very hard.  They are creative, extremely diligent and great thinkers, which is why complex problems stimulate them.  They also work well under tight deadlines due to their problem-solving abilities.

Good career choices for Snakes include: scientist, painter, potter, jeweler, astrologer, analyst, investigator, dietitian, and sociologist and magician.

While there is no sign of a career promotion in 2019, Snakes will fast-track in their academic research and studies and work will be relatively easy and flexible.

You are suggested to settle your mind for study by spending some time walking in forested areas.


It’s a great year for a Snake when it comes to their finances.  If you have a fixed goal and strategy, you will enjoy a stable source of financial revenue or you will get good financial returns because of persistence and perseverance

If you work hard, investments in mineral developments and partnerships with your brother will see the most reward.


Snakes are very careful when choosing friends and tend to have a small social circle.  They keep their feelings and emotions locked up inside so it’s extremely hard to get to know them.  People born in the year of the Snake will never forgive a breach in friendship.

Once a Snake has befriended you they will guard you like their valuable possessions and can become easily jealous and, at times, even obsessive.  They will feel confident confiding in you and sharing both their sorrows and happiness with you.

Snakes, you are likely to meet “the one” this year.  They will love you despite your faults and you will want to settle down and start a family.  At times, you both will reach your limits with each other but don’t let this effect the stability of your relationship.

Male Snakes will have better luck in love then a female Snake, but you will need to be the one to take the first steps and break the ice.  If you are finding your relationship isn’t progressing, it could be that you are not proactive enough and your loved one doesn’t understand your feelings.

For female Snakes, you also have good prospects in love in 2018, but not as good as the males.

Best with Dragon, Rooster. Worst with Sheep, Tiger, Rabbit.