A "175 Years of Craftsmanship" Collection: A Celebration of Reimagined Excellence

At Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry, we are proud to unveil our exclusive "175 Years of Craftsmanship" Collection—a tribute to our enduring legacy of extraordinary artistry and craftsmanship spanning nearly two centuries. This collection, crafted from exquisite 24K Antique Gold, seamlessly combines ancient Chinese symbolism with innovative fabrication techniques and artistry, resulting in a breathtaking ensemble of jewelry that embodies both tradition and modernity.

Our "175 Years of Craftsmanship" Collection draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of ancient China, reimagining iconic symbols that have stood the test of time. Each piece encapsulates the spirit of reimagining tradition to create jewelry that resonates with the contemporary world. In this collection, you'll discover:


As our namesake, the phoenix represents renewal and rebirth, making it a symbol of eternal beauty and grace.


The gourd-shaped Hulu symbolizes health, longevity, and prosperity, a cherished emblem of well-being and good luck.


The Ruyi, or "as you wish," is an emblem of good fortune and fulfillment of one's desires.


A symbol of power, strength, and imperial authority, the dragon embodies the spirit of courage and nobility.


A guardian against negative energies and a symbol of wealth and abundance, Pixiu is a treasured protector.

Koi Fish

Representing perseverance and success, the Koi fish is known for its ability to swim upstream against the current.


A symbol of resilience and adaptability, bamboo teaches us the beauty of flexibility in the face of adversity.

Longevity Lock

Representing health, and a long and fulfilling life wear the longevity lock as a symbol of enduring elegance and cultural significance.


Fu Blessing

The Fu Symbol, deeply ingrained in Chinese culture, radiates positivity and well-wishing sentiments. Pronounced "fu" in Mandarin, it embodies good fortune, happiness, and success.


Experience the timeless allure of the Peony, where the revered peony flower takes center stage. Symbolizing prosperity and beauty, each piece meticulously captures the peony's elegance.

Our "175 Years of Craftsmanship" Collection offers an array of jewelry pieces to suit your individual style and preferences. Choose from necklaces, pendants, bangles and rings. Exquisite and intricate pieces that  will captivate with their charm and meaning.

What sets this collection apart is our commitment to innovation in fabrication techniques and mastery. Each piece in the "175 Years of Craftsmanship" Collection is a testament to our dedication to perfecting the art of jewelry making.

As you explore this extraordinary collection, you'll discover that every piece is not just jewelry but a timeless heirloom—a symbol of our enduring legacy and your connection to the rich heritage of Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry.