The Lao Feng Xiang Promise

It is our goal to educate and inspire our exceptional clientele about the beauty, rarity and value of Chinese jade. Casting a spotlight on the brands reputation and extensive expertise, Lao Feng Xiang is the trusted jade destination in Canada.

We promise to always acquire the most exceptional natural Jadeite and Nephrite stones. With an earned mastery of the trade, Lao Feng Xiang experts are first to select the most valuable Chinese Jade.

We promise to provide International and National level certification. Lao Feng Xiang will never provide provincial or city certification and our certification standards ensures your jade maintains, if not increases its value.

We promise that our master craftsmen have an exceptional understanding of jade. Each stone is crafted to highlight the unique and special characteristics of the stone. Each piece is transformed under the skillfull work of Lao Feng Xiang artisans, becoming rare and valuable heirlooms for generations to come.