Choosing The Right Ring

He’s proposed…..or about to.  How do you ensure he will choose the right ring for YOU?

For many, many years women were given the element of surprise, in both the time he popped the question and the ring design.  Whether it was that very special heirloom ring, once worn by a great grandmother, or maybe he went himself to the local jeweler and let the sales person “choose” the ring for him…. Regardless, women back in the day didn’t have much choice.

But not anymore!  Today women are taking matters into their own hands to ensure they will have the ring of their dreams.  Just what does the perfect ring look like to you?  Is there a style you’ve always wanted since you were a little girl?  Or maybe you are more drawn to the “it” look that is trending today?  Maybe your perfect ring isn’t a ring?  How confusing is this?  Not only for the man but also the woman!

Worry not reader, by the time we guide you through the simple steps of finding that perfect ring you’ll have the confidence to get out there and make it happen!

There are literally thousands of ring designs to choose from….what best suits who you are?  Your personal style? This is a ring that realistically you will be wearing every day for the rest of your life.  Choosing a design that best fits your lifestyle is very important as the more you remove it, the better chance you have of losing it.

Did you know?  The phrase “A Diamond is forever” was created by a young copywriter Frances Gerety in 1947.  It was a thought that came to her after working a very long exhausting day, just before going to bed one night! 

1. What is your activity level? Is your idea of a fun Saturday afternoon conquering The Squamish Chief or is Hot Yoga your definition of extreme sports?  The ring you choose should be able to be worn no matter what level of extreme is your own.

For instance, these are not settings you would wear rock climbing:

These rings are all lovely in their own way, but for extreme sports these styles have either

a. Very high settings (you’ll have that center stone lost or damaged beyond repair in no time)

b. Ones with very fine narrow bands or delicate details that will bend or break under pressure.

2. What color of metal are you wearing consistently? Humans are all colors and hues, some skin tones wear certain metal colors better than others.  These days Platinum or white gold, yellow gold and rose gold are the more common metal colors.  Choosing the color of metal can be tricky, again this is a ring you will wear the rest of your life and making the choice of say green gold is not the best…unless of course green is your favorite color.  Here are a few hints when choosing metal.

People with cool skin tones look good in light or white metals such as white gold and platinum. People with warm skin tones look good in yellow and rose gold. If you have a neutral skin tone, you’ll look good in both white and yellow metals.

Did you know? Green gold has a very slight hue, more like yellow gold with a greenish tinge.  It is most noticeable when used next to areas of white or yellow metal. 

3. The shape of the gem is also important when considering that dream ring. You’ll hear many terms of cut styles, the most common being round, square or princess, emerald, oval and pear.  The center gemstone will bring the “Wow Factor” to the setting and size will also be dictated by your budget.

Let’s take a look at the interesting shapes gemstones can be cut…


Considered the most classic of shapes, the round is the most popular choice for engagement rings.  This shape is timeless and set either as a solitaire or enhanced by additional gems the round remains the number 1 choice for brides to be!  Who loves the round cut…Ashton Kutcher and Olivia Wilde.


The square shape rates number 2 for both men and women.  This shape grew in popularity in the early 60’s and is the least expensive shape to create.  With the pointed corners there is a risk of chipping so special setting techniques to protect the gem is required.  Princess cut is adored by Nicky Hilton.


This shape was created in the Art Deco period and quickly became in high demand.  The name originates from the cutting method most used for emeralds.  Although it is not as brilliant as the two shapes above, on the hand with its long glamorous lines it is undeniably enchanting.  Elizabeth Taylor and Beyonce only have eyes for emerald cut.


The oval shape is best suited for smaller hands or shorter fingers.  The beautiful oval’s elongated form gives the impression of length.  This cut can present beautiful brilliance.  Sofia Vergara prefers oval shaped over any others.


Shaped like a tear drop, this contour is very popular for pendants and earrings and of course engagement rings.  Who cried tears of joy when presented with her ring…Katherine Heigl.

Did you know? In 1930 it was suggested an average price for an engagement ring would be 1 month’s salary?  In 1980 it increased to 2 month’s salary and continues to be the guideline still in 2017.

There is a lot to consider when imagining what style is right for you… Most importantly is to have fun.  Whether with your partner or a friend, try on lots of styles and soon you will begin to see what features keep drawing you back.  Then drop a lot of hints!  A catalogue here, a wallpaper image there.  Ladies….being subtle will not get you your dream ring!