Celebrate Lunar New Year with Gifts from Lao Feng Xiang

Lunar New Year is the biggest festival celebrated in China and in many other people with other Asian heritage. It is a time for family reunions, feasting, gift exchange and celebrations.

“God of Wealth”, $100

On January 22, 2023, we will officially enter the Year of the Rabbit. As the 4th zodiac sign, the rabbit is seen as a sign of hope and longevity. People born in the Year of Rabbit are gentle and approachable.  The Years of the Rabbit include 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, …  

24K Gold Rabbit Necklace, 4-6g 

Gift giving is an important tradition in Chinese culture. It is a way of showing appreciation and respect for the receiver, while also bringing luck to both the giver and the receiver. LFX jewelry consultants are here to help you find the most ideal Lunar New Year gift for you, your parents, kids, in-laws and friends. 

24K Antique Gold Zodiac Pendants, 10-15g 

For People Born in the Year of the Rabbit the most compatible zodiac signs for Rabbits are Goats, Dogs and Pigs. For those born in the Year of the Rabbit, choose from our newest signature Antique Gold Zodiac collection. Made in 24K gold, these pedants have a unique matt finish that is very different from the traditional gold jewelry which are very bright and shining. It is the new icon for low-key luxury style.

“Rabbit of Wealth”, $38 

For Seniors

For parents and parents-in-law, or other senior relatives or friends, give a gift representing prosperity, health, and longevity. Hulu is Mandarin for gourd, and the sound of the word is very similar to welcoming fortune and prosperity. As a plant, the shape of Hulu’s vine transforms into a symbol of longevity. This makes Hulu an ideal gift for seniors.

24K Antique Gold Hulu Ornament, wishing the gift receiver fortune, prosperity and longevity, 20-25g

24K Gold “Four Season Screen”, wishing the gift receiver safety and prosperity in all four seasons, $700

For Children

For your own kids, or kids of your relatives or friends, the most popular Lunar New Year gift would be the lucky red envelops. Recent years, it is becoming more trending to gift pure gold coins or gold zodiac ornaments, baby locks or baby bangles.

Rabbit Gold Coin in Red Envelope, $78

24K Gold Rabbit Necklace, 4-6g

For Her

For your lovely wife or girl friend or any female relatives / friends, any cute rabbit jewelry will win her heart. LFX’s 24K Gold collection and Nephrite collection feature the very cute and modern rabbit character. It is suitable for day-to-day wear and will surely bring the best luck to her throughout the year.

24K Gold Rabbit Charm Bracelet, $600 

24K Gold and Nephrite Rabbit Pendant, $250 - $450

For Him

For the gentlemen, it is ideal to send them gifts of wealth and power. LFX’s Pixiu shop features the spiritual Pixiu of all sizes and weights that is believed to protect good luck and wealth for its owner. GuanYin is another good symbol for men to wear that will bring them health and peace. For those who wants to gain more power in the upcoming year, a dragon pendant will surely help the receiver.

24K Gold “Five Gold Blessing”, wishing the gift receiver more wealth, prosperity, longevity, health and peace, $350

In 2023 we celebrate the “Year of the Rabbit” and look forward to another prosperous year full of hope and opportunity.