Healing Power of Gemstones – Intuition & Psychic Vision


Are you looking to unlock a mystery or solve a complex problem?  Lapis Lazuli is recommended for you.

his unique blue freckles stone is said to activate physic abilities and intuitions, allowing you to clearly see the right path.  Increase your inner power and wisdom to tackle everyday tasks, such as public speaking, problem solving and connecting with others on a spiritual level.

Lapis lazuli is often worn by professionals who are in need of guidance in their judgement, such as lawyers, teachers, artists, writers, journalists, psychologists and executives. This stone also helps stimulate their imagination and open their mind to new ideas.  But be careful, as it’s said this stone promotes honest expressions so there is no keeping secrets when you wear this stone.

This stone can be used many ways.  For public speaking its recommended to hold the stone in your left hand, both while practicing and when giving the final speech.  You will feel your anxieties release into the stone allowing you to feel confident, powerful and energized.

18K gold lapis lazuli pendant from Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry

To unlock blocked thoughts and increase your intuition, place this stone under your pillow while you sleep.  You will wake up feeling fresh, knowing exactly what steps to take that day.

The lapis lazuli can also benefit your health.  It’s said to help with insomnia, depression, stress and problems associated with your throat.

The lapis lazuli is best suited for Sagittarius and Leos