Healing Power of Gemstones – The Spirit Connector

Are you looking to develop a better connection with your Guardian Angel, spirit guides, higher consciousness or a friend or family who has recently passed?  If so, the tanzanite gemstone is recommended for you.

18K gold tourmaline set from Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry

The high energy and quick vibrations of this wonderful blue or blue-violet gemstone makes it the perfect activator for spirit connections.   It will increase your intuition, level of consciousness, and help to remove blockages allowing you to open your mind to spiritual connections.  Your spirit guides will then help you find and lead you on the path you were meant to take.

Making better choices and being open to new adventures is also a positive benefit of this stone as it forms a connection with your heart and mind that allows you to feel in your heart what you are meant to do.  Guardian angels and past loved ones will also help when making decisions.

18K gold chandelier tourmaline set from Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry

Tanzanite is recommended for those considering entering psychic employment as angels and spirits are drawn to those who wear or keep tanzanite gemstones close.

Another benefit of this beautiful stone is the ability to awaken your compassionate side and allow you to speak the truth in your heart.  This will make for positive changes in any relationship.

This stone is best suited for Pisces and Aries