Welcome to Akoya Pearls

From the Japanese sea, the Akoya pearl is coveted amongst jewelry collectors and connoisseurs. Lao Feng Xiang hand-picks Akoya pearls that have a stunning metallic luster, beautiful iridescent colour, limited surface blemishes, near-perfect to perfect round shape and ideal size. This attention to detail when choosing Akoya pearls assures their enduring value, along with certificates from China's esteemed National Gemstone Testing Centre for fashion jewelry and Japan's world renowned Pearl Science Laboratory for Akoya pearl strands. 

An Akoya pearl is prized for its luster, the amount of light reflection from it's luminous surface. The luster of the Akoya pearl is the most distinguishable and important quality when determining value. The surface of  the pearl should glow with a mirror like finish in which reflections appear bright and distinct.

Akoya pearls come in an extensive color palette, including white, pink, cream, silver and blue. White and pink are the most popular Akoya colours but there is unparalleled beauty to silver and blue, which make for unique jewels. Look for Akoya pearls that have a rich hue and even colour saturation. 


Akoya pearls are a natural gift from the sea and subtle blemishes and imperfections are signs of their organic origin. The blemishes are the result of sea particles washing up against the pearl while forming in the oyster. While Akoya pearls are rarely flawless, a pearl with few blemishes will be deemed higher quality and value.

The Akoya pearl is cultivated from the Japanese oyster, in which perfectly round beads made of mother of pearl and mantle tissue are inserted. This ensures the near perfect to perfect round shape. A perfectly round Akoya pearl is rare making them highly desired. 


The size of an Akoya pearl does not affect the quality but it is a distinguishing factor for rarity. Pearls are measured by their diameters in millimeters (mm) and Akoya pearls most common sizes range from 5 - 8MM. Cultivating large Akoya pearls is difficult and the bigger the pearl the more uncommon it is. When the qualities are the same, the larger sized pearl will be regarded as more rare, thus making it higher in value. 

Lao Feng Xiang has honored its imperial legacy with exquisite designs, quality and craftsmanship; creating exceptional Akoya pearl treasures that embody timeless style and eternal grace. With earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings and bracelets, Lao Feng Xiang presents modern interpretations of timeless classics.