Exquisite Gifts For Lunar New Year

The Gift of Gold is on Display with Lao Feng Xiang's collection of illustrious Lunar New Year Gifts. 

24K Gold Round Year of the Ox Disk on a traditional wooden stand.
24K Gold Weight: 1.00g 
The Year of the Ox brings career advancement and prosperity for all of the
12-year zodiac animals. 
24K Gold Round Lotus Disk on a traditional wooden stand. 
24K Gold Weight: 1.00g
The Lotus symbolizes purity of the body, speech and mind.
24K Gold Year of the Ox Coin in a lucky red envelope
Gold Weight: 0.20g
The lucky envelope's signature red color, symbolizes good lucky and is said to ward of evil spirits. 
24K Gold Prosperity Box with 5 Single Ingots
24K Gold Weight: 1.00g
Ingots are known as China's ancient coin and is now a symbol of good fortune and luck.
24K Gold Four Season Folding Screen
24K Gold Weight: 2.00g
It is said when the flowers bloom so does one's riches and success.
24K Gold Hulu Tassel Ornament 
24K Gold Weight: 0.20g
The hulu has pronunciation very similar to fulu (福禄), which means “happiness (or good fortune).