The Iconic Zodiac - Year of the Ox

Legend has it, that the Jade Emperor selected twelve animals to be his guards. He sent a message that the order in which they arrived through the heavenly gates would be their designated rank. On the way, the clever Rat encountered the kind Ox and jumped onto his ear for a ride. Just as they were arriving to the palace, the Rat quickly jumped off the ox and scurried to the emperor's feet, winning first place and the Ox became the second animal of the 12 year cycle.

The Ox didn't feel any anger towards the Rat, known to be honest and hardworking, the Ox prefers to stay out of the limelight and will never look for praise, knowing a strong work ethic will be recognized. The Ox is of even temperament which makes for excellent leaders. 

Those born in the year of the Ox are reliable and trustworthy, putting their heart into everything that they do. The Ox can also be gentle and calm, with a great sense of family responsibility. At times, the Ox can be a little arrogant and stubborn but through perseverance the end result is always success. 

Despite bring outwitted by the Rat, the two became great friends, with different personalities that complemented each other perfectly. The Ox is also highly compatible with the warm snake and loving rooster.